Media Fellows 2019

Ngozi Oti- Lawyer

Ngozi Oti- Lawyer

Ngozi Oti is a legal practitioner currently practising in Abuja, Nigeria.

She obtained her BL from The Nigerian Law School Lagos in 2011 and since that time she has been active in the legal community, she has focused on cases involving domestic violence and abuse; crimes against women and children, naturally being a feminist and an activist, the LGBT community seemed the next logical cause to advocate for.

Ngozi is involved in a number of volunteer programs and regularly offers pro-bono legal services to victims of sexual violence and abuse, she is of the firm view that the world we live in today is rife with injustice and bias largely due to the fact that people are uninformed and under- represented, she seeks to use the knowledge gained at the Bisi Alimi foundation to galvanise her peers in the legal profession who are unaware of this grey area of the law into action and consequently create a stirring in the collective consciousness of our society about the LGBT community.

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