Media Justice Fellows 2018

Ufuoma Omimi-Okoro- Lawyer

Ufuoma Omimi-Okoro- Lawyer

Ufuoma Omimi-Okoro is a lawyer, a human rights activist, a senior partner at Omimi-Afua Legal Home.

She has partnered, worked with various non-governmental organisations, in the fostering of equal rights for internally displaced persons, victims of abuse most especially pertaining kids, and women.

She is passionate about child rights, has done varying pro-bono services, she mediates, arbitrate, for parties whose rights have been trampled on. Ufuoma speaks four different languages, Urhobo her native dialect, Yoruba, Hausa, and Nigerian creole is popularly known as pidgin and most importantly she does American Sign Language, so she can interpret and communicate fluently with those that have a hearing impairment.

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