Media Fellows 2020

Abiodun Abdullahi- Broadcast Journalist

Abiodun Abdullahi- Broadcast Journalist

Abiodun Abdullahi, popularly known as Abiodun MakaveLi. He was born in Lagos (Nigeria) on 25th December 1987.

He attended the great Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria where he studied Sociology and Psychology, Abiodun MakaveLi also went ahead for research and learning more about metaphysical Science/nature and astrology regards his passion to know “why” and curiosity about reasons behind societal events and happenings more so human different perspectives and realities.
Abiodun MakaveLi as a revolutionist struggles to build a legacy as an advocate for “What really matters” and teacher of how “Reality is demonic” he is also a writer, a metaphysical and astrological analyst, a poet, an artist and a book reader.
Abiodun MakaveLi begins his career as a broadcaster (never studied Journalism) basically because of his struggle to put an end to “what really matters to them not all.

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