Media Fellows 2020

Ayokanmi Oyeyemi- Digital Journalist

Ayokanmi Oyeyemi- Digital Journalist

Ayokanmi Oyeyemi is a Nigerian social entrepreneur, Open Source advocate and Pro-LGBT.  Till date, he is the director of Media for Wikimedia Nigeria, the Wikimedia Foundation affiliate in Nigeria in charge of promoting Wikipedia and other sister projects.  

Ayokanmi has a background in medical biochemistry but his penchant for storytelling made  him explore the art of photography where he document and tells African story in pictures making him one of the highest contributors of quality images to wikimedia commons from Nigeria; he also write various stories  and articles centered around human rights, minorities voices and LGBTQ where he shares his insight to a balance world. He attended the Write for right workshop and  Mawjuodin Queer film festiver in March 2019 at Tunis, Tunisia along with other Wikipedians from different part of the world where he engaged in contributing about queer articles on the Wikipedia
He believe that that the world will become a better place only when there is freedom of expression. Base in  Lagos, Nigeria

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