Media Justice Fellowship

The Bisi Alimi Foundation (BAF) Media Justice fellowship, provides training, mentorship and support to journalists and lawyers in Nigeria to strengthen their knowledge on LGBTI subjects and issues in relations to media storytelling and legal representation and support.


The fellowship is designed to challenge and change how narratives about LGBT people are being reported in the media and legal settings in Nigeria. We are not only creating alternative narratives but supporting our fellows to tell human stories when it comes to sexual orientation and gender identity.


The fellowship aims to achieve among others;

· Gradual mainstreaming of LGBT discussions in the media

· Increase in number of media houses publishing context and language appropriate LGBT contents.

· Increased defence of LBGT rights by lawyers

· Database of lawyers who can provide legal assistance to those who need it (for organisations and individuals).


This program affords our fellows the opportunity to join reputable global organisations like; iProbono and Trust Laws. It also provides mentorship that gives our fellows support through career progression, education opportunity and training.



Bisi Alimi Foundation

Media Justice Fellowship

The Media Justice Fellowship is an initiative designed to train and support Nigerian journalists to report on LGBT issues in a balanced and fair way and equip Nigerian lawyers to intersect LGBT rights within the mechanism of Human Rights. Click below to meet our fellows.

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