Rainbow Academy

The Bisi Alimi Foundation Rainbow Academy is a new program designed to support and equip LGBT people in Nigeria to develop skills to challenge homophobia. Our mission is to create a generation of well-rounded LGBT persons in Nigeria with strong value of self with the aim of influencing change in the society.

The Academy focal points are:


  • Public Speaking
  • Story Telling
  • Media Engagement
  • Content Creation

Personal development

  • Skills Assessment
  • Self Confidence
  • Negotiation skills and business strategies
  • Business plan development
  • Career development

The Law

  • SSMPA and Penal code
  • Human rights mechanism


  • Mental health awareness
  • Physical health issues
  • Sexual health awareness
  • Mediation and wellbeing.

Bisi Alimi Foundation

Meet our scholars

We are happy to officially announce our Rainbow Academy Class of 2020

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