Rainbow Academy Class of 2020

Emmanuel Onwe

Emmanuel Onwe

Emmanuel Onwe is a trained sexual and reproductive health and rights specialist, with an extensive experience in the implementation of youth and adolescent-friendly HIV care and human rights-based programming for key populations. He holds a Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Science from Ebonyi State University.

He worked with Center for the Right to Health (CRH) as a peer educator with specific focus on sexual and reproductive health education and HIV prevention advocacy. He also served as a paralegal with Access to Good Health Initiative (AGHI) where he provided interventions for victims of human rights violation and also led multiple support groups for the purpose of education and counselling on human rights.

Currently, he is the director of programs at Foundation for Better Health and Human Rights (FBHR), a nongovernmental organization in Southeastern Nigeria that is concerned with creating safe spaces for key populations, empowering them to advocate for their sexual health and rights.

Emmanuel is the founder of I’m Emmanuel AIDS Foundation, a nonprofit platform that provides counsel, moral and psychosocial support for young people living with HIV, empowering them to live better organized lives.

He takes genuine interest in advocating for the rights and dignity of LGBTIQ people. He is committed to breaking barriers and changing the narrative on discrimination and criminalization of LGBTIQ persons by raising awareness for social acceptance, inclusion and equality of all persons irrespective of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

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