Rainbow Academy Class of 2020

Charles Ndubuisi Nlewedum (Vera)

Charles Ndubuisi Nlewedum (Vera)

Charles Ndubuisi Nlewedum (Vera) was born on 20th February 1986 and proudly identified transgender woman living in Ibadan Oyo State.

Vera life time of coming to terms with her gender identity came with tragic-comedy events that actually made her stronger as a transwoman despite living in a country where Gender identity is confused with sexual orientation limiting freedom of expression yet she has challenged the misconception by proudly being a woman in a male body.

Vera came from a family of six siblings and she is the last child of her of parents raised in the city of ibadan under a religious background. She lived her life as a committed catholic child actively rooted in the church activities until she age seven when she realized that she is an actual woman by gender trapped in a wrong sex. In the course trying to express her real self through expression she was raped. She overcame depression and picked up the pain and experiences and used them to prove how a trans woman can rise from abuse and rejection. Vera is a dedicated Community advocate, speaking for the well being of the trans people in the grassroot through representation and personally rendering psycho-social counselling for young trans people showing them how to be trans and proud. 

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