Rainbow Academy Class of 2020

Animashaun Azeez

Animashaun Azeez

ANIMASHAUN AZEEZ  was born and raised up in Lagos Nigeria , is a community mobilize, community influential  and a sexual reproductive health advocate with over six years experience.

He has actively participated in several HIV/AIDS prevention intervention targeting Men Who Have sex with Men in Lagos Nigeria. He has worked and volunteer for different LGBT organization in Lagos and help in implementing LGBT projects including human right project. He holds several professional certificates including HIV testing and counseling services, Adherence counselor among others ANIMASHAUN AZEEZ Equipped with the vision and purpose to drive organizational change. He is flexible and able to adapt positively to any challenges that arise, he is also comfortable at making sometimes difficult decisions and taking ownership of key issues. Having an active commitment to continuous improvement and quality standards, he always works hard to create a positive atmosphere that motivates others and builds team spirit. My face book social media handler  is Animashaun fynex gold .

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