The Team

Bisi Alimi

Bisi Alimi- Executive Director

Bisi Alimi is the founder and the Executive Director of the Bisi Alimi Foundation, an organisation working to accelerate social acceptance of LGBT people in Nigeria.

Alimi has a BA in Theatre Arts (2004) from the University of Lagos Nigeria and MSc in Global Governance and Public Policy (2011) from Birkbeck College University of London.

Alimi is a multitalented storyteller, actor, activist and angelic troublemaker. He has over 15 years experience working on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Africa.

Before starting Bisi Alimi Foundation, he was a lecturer at the Humboldt University in Berlin teaching “Pre and Post Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Africa”.

In his spare time, he loves to read, watch television and cook. He lives in London with his husband.

Rebecca Roberts

Rebecca Roberts- Fellowship Coordinator

I am passionate about development, particularly in the areas of policies and the incentives that prompt and informs certain policy making as well as exploring a right based approach to most development challenges in Africa.

I have over seven years experience in the development and non-profit field, with practical knowledge spanning from the informal sector, inequality, public health, access to education for the most vulnerable and excluded children in rural Nigeria, to ICT for job creation and youth development.

More recently, I began researching how government policies and action impact Nigerians. My research interest includes forced evictions and demolition of informal settlements as well as the anti-LGBT and gay community policies in Nigeria. My approach and strategy include exploring these issues from a rights-based approach.

My greatest desire and the long-term goal is to translate of these experience into tangible influence such as shaping and informing policies making in Africa, particularly in Nigeria.

My academic background includes bachelors in a Psychology, a masters degree in International Development with a specific focus on inequality, poverty and development and another masters degree in Political Economy of emerging nations all from Universities in the United Kingdom.

Pablo Martinez

Pablo Sánchez Martínez- Business Engagement Intern

Pablo is an undergraduate Political Economy student in King’s College London since 2016 from Spain.

He is currently the Business Engagement Intern at the Bisi Alimi Foundation, tasked with developing relationships with businesses willing to engage with the Foundation’s workplace diversity programme and events as well as conducting market research.

Pablo has a broad range of previous experience in the field of social science, spanning from research on LGBT rights, migratory trends and socio-economic analysis on Eastern Europe, to quantitative data analysis and database development. He has also worked in the development field, taking part in the organisation of a charity agricultural and educational project in Southern India during his Sixth-Form years. Pablo has decided to join the Bisi Alimi Foundation hoping that his work will meaningfully contribute to the advancement of LGBT rights in Nigeria.

In his spare time, Pablo enjoys classical music, reading and (attempting) to learn new languages.

Harry Skipper

Harry Skipper- Fundraising Intern

I am an undergraduate student in the Social Science & Public Policy department at King’s College London.

I am currently volunteering at the Bisi Alimi Foundation tasked with fundraising for the organisation.

The Bisi Alimi Foundation seeks to address a major injustice imposed upon a massive community and I hope to contribute my efforts to assist the organisation in making meaningful change in advancing the rights of the LGBT community in Nigeria. For me, the suppression of the LGBT community’s right to assemble, makes the work of the Bisi Alimi Foundation so urgent and necessary as it strives to give a voice to a community that would be hard to hear in Nigeria due to unjust legal incursions. Being unable to express yourself and having one’s identity repressed through fear is something nobody should have to endure which is why it is important to me to help the Bisi Alimi Foundation in achieving its objective.

My experience applicable to this role ranges from research and analysis of human rights and international human rights law, LGBT, civil and women’s rights and movements. In high school and sixth form , I worked on the school council organising various events such as educational seminars addressing issues concerning racism, specifically Islamophobia, and mental health.

One of my favourite things is music and in my spare time I love sport and reading.

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