Job Application- Policy and Advocacy Officer

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Job Application- Policy and Advocacy Officer

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Job Title- Policy & Advocacy Officer

Reporting to- Country Director and Operations Manager

Location- Abuja

Contract time- One-year contract with possibility of extension

Salary- N120-N150k

Closing Date- 15th October 2021


Job Purpose

As an organisation, we realised that if we are to make change happens, we will need to develop impactful policy and advocacy tools that can provide information and knowledge on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Self Expression to lawmakers, policymakers and diplomatic community.

It is for the reason we are looking for someone with well vast knowledge in policy development, interpretation, lobbying and advocacy. We are also looking for someone with passion for networking and building relationship.


  • Using well thought through and simplified policy to Improve the understanding on LGBTQI+ issues in Nigeria
  • Develop a measurable and robust policy strategy to accelerate social acceptance of LGBTQI persons in Nigeria
  • Build a strong cohort of allies and supporters for LGBTQI+ people in Nigeria
  • Increase the support of LGBTQI+ people and issues in Nigeria

Key Tasks

  • Produce monthly policy papers to be shared with key policy gatekeepers in Nigeria  
  • Must have connection within the political system in Nigeria
  • Develop strategic relationship with
    • National Association of Nigerian Students,
    • the National Assembly,
    • Political Parties,
    • Traditional community
    • Business community
    • Healthcare institutions
    • Political elites,
    • Civil societies,
    • The Nigerian Police
    • Religious and Diplomatic community.
  • Develop a strategy of quarterly engagement between professional, public and civil society organizations in the field of human rights of the LGBTQI+ community.
  • Build one-to-one engagement with policy makers.
  • Organize educational talks on LGBTQI+ issues and with other intersections in Nigeria
  • Develop policy paper on intersectionality (LGBTQI+ issues + other issues like Politics, women’s right Police brutality).
  • One on one engagement with legal chambers, police and judiciary and organize round table discussion.
  • Publish context specific briefing papers/reports on LGBTQI+ Diversity and Inclusion issues in Nigeria.

Core Skills

  • Experience in policy, advocacy, high level policy engagements.
  • Understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals and its importance on LGBTQI policy and advocacy.
  • Inspirational public speaker
  • Great communicator and networker
  • Advanced and persuasive written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to successfully coordinate, advocate and negotiate.
  • Ability to establish and maintain strong and broad stakeholder relationships.
  • Deep understanding of, and ability to apply environmental context, data, and legislation.
  • Evidence of working with policy makers, involvement in policy development and understanding of policy making structures and processes in Nigeria.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills: able to communicate effectively with a wide range of stakeholders.
  • Experience in delivering presentations.
  • Preferably and LGBTQI person



  • Masters or higher degree in Public Policy, Public Administration, Political Science, International Relations, International Law and Diplomacy or related field
  • Experience in working with political institutions, civil societies and other related institutions
  • Over 3 years’ work experience in Policy and Advocacy in related field
  • Understanding of LGBTQI landscape in Nigeria.


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