Rainbow Academy Application 2023

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Rainbow Academy Application 2023

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This application will take approximately 9 minutes to complete.
What is Rainbow Academy?

This is an intense training for LGBTQI persons in Nigeria, It is designed to support and train LGBTQI persons in Nigeria to develop skills to challenge homophobia. The focus areas are Communication, Personal and Business Development, Law, and Health. All these elements come together to support LGBTQI persons to understand their rights, how they relate to the law, and to increase their mental health and career development.

The training will focus on
1. Personal and professional development
2. Communication
3. The Law
4. Business development and funding
5. Mental and Sexual Health

Who should apply? You should apply for this program if you are/have:

1. An LGBTQI person
2. Based in Nigeria
3. 18 years and above
4. A moderate command of the English language
5. A Budding social entrepreneur
6. Passionate about creating social and economic change[s]

Who are we?

The Bisi Alimi Foundation was founded in 2015 to accelerate social acceptance of LGBT people in Nigeria. Our work is focused on building bridges around the key stakeholders in Nigeria to advance the rights and well-being of LGBT people.

Closing date

Application closes on 30th September 2022.