About The Bisi Alimi Foundation


What do we stand for?

Equal Nigerians, equal Nigeria.

Who are We?

The Bisi Alimi Foundation (BAF) is a charity established in 2015 and registered in England and wales following the enactment of the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act 2013 (SSMPA) in Nigeria. We aim to work towards a Nigeria where everyone is equal irrespective of sexual orientation or identity. We focus on  three thematic areas, so as to contribute towards influencing opinions and views on LGBT issues in Nigeria. The thematic areas as as follows;

  1. Research

  2. Capacity Development

  3. Stakeholder Engagement


What Do We Do in Thematic Areas?

  • We build a wealth of knowledge through research to inform programmatic decisions. Through evidence gathered, we influence policy on LGBT issues in Nigeria.

  • We train professionals, including journalists and lawyers to ensure appropriate media reporting and legal representation from an informed position.

  • We conduct social campaigns geared towards challenging and changing the perceptions of Nigerians in relation to LGBT people.

  • We engage with businesses in Nigeria to create an awareness of the impact of homophobia on individuals and businesses.

How do we do it?

  • Through Research: BAF conducts public surveys and studies on the social perception of LGBT people in Nigeria, in order to monitor change within the country. We also conduct research into the impact of homophobia on the LGBT community in Nigeria. The data and the evidence we generate are used to shape  our programming.

  • On Capacity Building, BAF conducts fellowships for journalists and lawyers: the program, which is residential for the training phase, includes mentoring that trains participants in understanding sexual orientation and gender identity, thereby equipping participants with the right tools and support. The overall goal is for trainees to become agents of change.

  • Working with heads of multinational companies in Nigeria, our work on business engagement seeks to facilitate a conducive economic environment for LGBT persons in Nigeria.



Advancing social acceptance of LGBT people in Nigeria by cultivating change in hearts and minds through research, training and engagement.



Accelerating social acceptance of LGBT people in Nigeria.


Core Values

Equal – equality for everyone before the law, equal opportunity and equal treatment.

Inclusive – open, respectful and receptive to all people.

Collaborative – working together with others to maximize impact.

Understanding – building and fostering understanding through evidence and engagement.

Integrity – informed by research, uncompromising in our approach.


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