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What do we stand for?

Equal Nigeria, Equal Nigerians

Bisi Alimi in Salzburg

“In 2004, I was the first person to come out as gay on Nigerian television.

At the time, I was an actor on a Nigerian soap opera and just about to graduate from the University of Lagos. I had recently signed a one-year television contract and thought I had my career ahead of me. But I heard whispers that my secret, my sexuality, was leaking out and people were going to blackmail me. I decided to take charge of my own story; and came out before millions of viewers on the public television broadcaster’s national breakfast show.

What followed this very public act was severe. I lost my job; I was disowned by my parents and kicked out of home. The presenter of the breakfast show lost her job too. My house was broken into by a mob and I was attacked and almost killed – before I managed to escape. To save my own life, I was forced to leave my country. Tragically, my story is the story of many other people in Nigeria. I decided to establish a foundation to help those who suffer from violence, loss of their jobs and their families because of their sexuality and gender identity. I believe we can only do this is we address public opinion that lies behind the discrimination and violence.”

– Bisi Alimi


What do we do?

  1. Build a wealth of knowledge through research and training
  1. Develop a fellowship programs for journalists and lawyers that not only support them by reward them for being part of the change movement
  1. Develop powerful and soul moving campaigns that will challenge and change the perceptions of Nigerians when it comes to LGBT people
  1. Engage with small and medium-sized enterprise and large corporations in Nigeria to create an awareness of the impact of homophobia on individuals and businesses.

How do we do it?

Research: we conduct public opinion surveys and studies on social perception of LGBT people in Nigeria to monitor change within the country. We also research into impact of homophobia on the LGBT community in Nigeria.

Campaign and Advocacy: we develop short video campaigns to create awareness around Homo/Bi/Transphobia, with the aim of changing public social perception of LGBT people in Nigeria. We also advocate for equal opportunity and social inclusion for LGBT people in Nigeria and advocate for accelerated acceptance.

Fellowship: We develop a mentorship based residential fellowship program that trains lawyers and journalists in understanding sexual orientation and gender identity. Our fellowship program provide a platform to equip the lawyers and the journalists with the right tools and supports to be agent of change. 

Business Engagement: We as an organisation believe that businesses (big, medium and small) have a role to place in accelerate social acceptance for LGBT people in Nigeria. We uphold the principles that says inclusion is good business for businesses and that is why our business engagement unit is focused on supporting businesses to create an culture of inclusion and diversity and make work place safe for all their staff irrespective of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Why should you support us?

Nigeria is the first country in recent years to constitutionally criminalise LGBT people with 14 years of imprisonment. In parts of Northern Nigeria governed by Sharia, homosexuality is punishable by death – one of few countries in which this is the case. This puts Nigeria in the spotlight, creating fear within the LGBT community, as well as among their families and friends. It has led to indiscriminate arrest of LGBT people and constant victimisation from the society.

> Click here to read more about how this law is affecting LGBT Nigerians

We are an organisation using innovation and passion as a niche to promote equality and social inclusion in Nigeria. Our activities inform our advocacy and campaign with the aim of accelerating social acceptance of LGBT people.

By achieving equality and social inclusion in Nigeria, the rights of the LGBT people can be fully protected. Moreover, this will create a ripple effect across Africa and lead to a sustainable campaign for equality and justice.

How can you support us?

With your support, we are working hard to change hearts and minds in Nigeria and make it a safe home for LGBT people.

Donate: Support us to train and engage with as many key players within Nigeria as possible.

Volunteer: Give us your time by volunteering for change

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