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1. What is the Naija LGBT virtual Job fair about?

The Naija LGBT virtual job fair is a novel initiative of the Bisi Alimi Foundation designed to connect and build the bridge between businesses in Nigeria and the Nigerian LGBT community. This is an avenue to link LGBT people with businesses that are inclusive and serve as an enlightenment process on diversity and inclusion in the workplace for all participants. It will comprise of Keynote presentations, panel discussions, interactive sessions, and job exhibitions.

2. What virtual platform is the job fair going to be on?

The job fair event will be held on ZOOM live. For more information on how to use zoom, visit Asked-Questions

3. What type of businesses are expected to be at the job fair?

We are open to all types of businesses in Nigeria. From international, multinational, large, small and medium enterprises.

4. Are companies expected to pay any fee to be part of the job fair?

No, there is no fixed fee to be paid. However, we would appreciate donations to the Foundation.

5. Must companies be recruiting before they can be a part of the job fair?

No, the purpose of the job fair is to bring businesses and the LGBT community together to share ideas and interact with each other. Companies must not be recruiting to be a part of the job fair. However, if a company is willing to recruit any of the participants at the job fair, they are free to indicate interest.

6. How can businesses and organisations partner, sponsor, and exhibit at the job fair?

If you are a business or organisation and you want to partner, sponsor and/or exhibit at the job fair, please contact us by sending an email stating your business name and intentions to [email protected]

7. Is there a fee I must pay to register for the job fair as a sponsor or exhibitor?

There is no specified registration fee for businesses, however, this is open to discussion. For more information, email us at [email protected]

8. What are the benefits for sponsoring or partnering at this job fair?

  • Opportunity to include the Sponsor company logo in marketing materials.
  • Access to prominent global LGBT organisations including; HRC, Stonewall,
  • Open For Business and more.
  • Pre-event video aired on all BAF Social media platforms
  • Inclusion on post-event mentorship program

9. What are the benefits for participating or exhibiting as a business at this job fair?

  • Full leverage of diverse talent pool of individuals
  • Perception of a fair workplace
  • Foster positive relationships within the workplace
  • Ease of participants and potential candidate’s information veri_cation.
  • Ability to deliver a consistent message regarding the company’s values,
  • needs and interests.
  • Access to network with other LGBT inclusive international companies

10.Can companies and individuals participate anonymously?

Yes, an individual or business can elect to participate in the job fair anonymously but that does not exempt them from registering using a verified account before they will be allowed to participate anonymously.

11. As a sponsor or partner, what if I do not want my logo displayed?

You can elect not to have your logo displayed. You can also participate anonymously.

12. I want to contact the event organisers; how do I go about it?

You can contact us by sending us an email at [email protected]

13. Is there a follow-up after the event?

Yes, BAF will be organising follow up mentorship programmes for businesses that have indicated interest in having a diversity and inclusion policy within their organisation.
We have programmes like the workplace diversity training for companies and organisations and Diversity Champions workshop for key staff of companies and organisations.